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KokoDeo Palmarosa / Natural Solid Deodorant



"KokoDéo 'Palmarosa" is a solid and natural deodorant: antibacterial and slightly perfumed, it regulates and absorbs odors without blocking perspiration.

  • Composition: Natural Soy Wax (Non-GMO), Coconut Oil *, Baking Soda *, Cane Powder *, H.E. Palmarosa 0.36% *
  • ZeroWaste / Vegan / Cruelty-free
  • Weight: 20g or 85g + cotton bag
  • Aluminum box sold separately

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Rs 280

INCI: Natural Soybean wax * (non-GMO), Cocos Nucifera Oil * (Agaléga), Zea Mays Starch *, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cymbopogon Martinii Essential Oil * 0.36%.

* Ingredients produced in Mauritius / Our vegetable ingredients are of organic or natural quality

"KokoDeo 'Palmarosa" is formulated from the best ingredients to guarantee you an effective and natural protection. It applies by placing the slice of the 'déo' on clean and dry skin: it leaves a protective film that will be absorbed in a few minutes. KokoDeo 'Palmarosa leaves no marks on clothing or white marks under the arms.

Very slightly dosed in essential oil of Palmarosa (0.36%), naturally antiseptic and anti-odor, it is proposed in 2 formats:

- "Tigit" format (20g), delivered in a small aluminum box (30ml), practical for travel or if you want to test this deodorant before ordering the "85g" version

- "85g" format, delivered in a natural cotton bag, practical to apply your deodorant and keep it protected from dust

- the aluminum box is sold separately: it is convenient to store and transport your deodorant

The formulation of this solid deodorant is adapted to the hot climate: it does not melt and remains solid, even by 35 °C! It is therefore useless to keep it in the refrigerator, and can be transported without risking an involuntary melt!


. 0 nasties: no preservatives / no paraben / no petrochemicals

. 100% Vegan / Cruelty-free

. Economical & Ecological (long lasting, 100% biodegradable & reef-safe)

. Proudly made in Mauritius with a maximum of local ingredients!

CompositionOtentik recipe / 100% of natural ingredients
Fabrication100% traditionally made in Mauritius (fresh & handmade !)
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