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"Elaïti" Soap (130g)



Delicately scented with Cardamom, "Elaïti" is suitable for all skin types. Creamy in the hands, it is slightly exfoliating by applying directly on the skin!

  • Composition: Coconut Oils & Pure Olives, Water *, Elaiti (Cardamom) *, Sodium Hydroxide * (cold saponification / surgras 7%)
  • Instructions for use: moisten, wash, rinse!
  • Can also be used as a shampoo **

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INCI : Cocos nuciferas oil*, Olea europea fruit oil, Aqua*, Elettaria cardamomum*, Sodium hydroxyde*

* Ingredients made in Mauritius / Our vegetable ingredients are of organic or natural quality

Ideal for skin care but also as a shampoo, this natural soap is made only with pure olive oils and pure coconut saponified and enriched with freshly ground spices (cardamom). It is entirely made in Mauritius with a coconut oil proudly produced in Agaléga. Naturally exfoliating, you can use its "scrub" effect by applying it directly on the skin and massaging, or on the contrary enjoy its softness by lathering it in the hands and washing with the foam obtained.


. Otentik recipe / 100% natural ingredients & ecofriendly

. Palm oil free: Kokodezil's fabrications do not contain any palm-oil nor derived palm-oil ingredient

. 0 nasties: no preservatives / no paraben / no petrochemicals

. Economical & Ecological (long lasting, 100% biodegradable & reef-safe)

. Zero waste: replaces your bottles of shower gel and liquid soaps!

. 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free. Proudly made in Mauritius!


Soap saponified cold ("SAF") can be used in shampoo: this is how our grandparents washed their hair! Shampooing with a soap "SAF" Kokodezil is practical and economical (a single product "all-in-one" for washing the body and hair), and ecofriendly: soap is the more environmentally friendly surfactant. Some recommendations are necessary to take full advantage of its benefits:

- the shampoo goes as with a solid shampoo: wet the hair, rub in the hands or directly on the hair, apply, mass, wash, and rinse!

- short hair and children's hair easily adapt to Kokodezil "SAF" shampoo; in general, users notice a soft, shiny hair, a healthy scalp, which no longer scratches, a decrease and then disappearance of dandruff... This is because the soap "SAF" Kokodezil gently washes, without attacking the scalp.

- medium to long hair is more delicate and needs an adaptation time of 1 to 3 weeks. The "transition" shampoo "SAF" is not very nice for this type of hair: they seem oily, heavy or "sticky". A diluted cider vinegar spray is then recommended to help the hair regain its lightness and vitality. It works by restoring an acid pH that lengths appreciate: the acidity closes the capillary scales, smooths the hair, makes it shine. Kokodezil offers a spray "ready-to-use", the "Shiny Pschitt", which you can fill to infinity once finished: the recipe is given on the label!

You can also prepare this treatment yourself. Our advice: do not use pure cider vinegar, it would be too aggressive; do not pour it on the hair but spray it (some sprays are enough), and apply it only on the lengths (the scalp does not need acidity and regulates itself its pH in a few minutes: it would be attacked by a pH too acidic). Spray "Shiny Pschitt" or "personal recipe" on all the wet hair, just after the shampoo.

"Elaiti" is recommended for normal to oily hair. It foam pleasantly, its light and invigorating scent makes a shampoo / soap very pleasant to use every day!

If your tests with soap shampoo "SAF" Kokodezil do not suit you, our solid ecological shampoos are at your disposal: they are formulated without SCS (sulfate) nor SCI, and of course without nasties: 0 paraben, 0 synthetic preservatives, 0 petrochemicals ... The surfactant that we have chosen is the Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, one of the softest, which is manufactured in an ecological way (without ethylene oxide or other: the SCG is obtained at from a fermented and then saponified coconut meat like our soaps). To discover our solid ecological shampoos, click here!

CompositionOtentik recipe / 100% of natural ingredients
Fabrication100% traditionally made in Mauritius (fresh & handmade !)
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