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"SeaSoap" (200g) - Ecological household SeaSoap



"SeaSoap" is a multi-purpose household soap that foam in seawater: ideal for boating or washing your diving equipment, it is 100% biodegradable and respects aquatic fauna and flora.

  • Composition: Agalega Coconut Oil *, Water *, Sodium Hydroxide *
  • Multi-purpose: dishes, laundry, cleaning, equipment ...
  • Weight : 200g

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* Ingredients made and / or sourced in Mauritius.

. 200g soap: about 200 uses

. "SeaSoap" is a foaming and effective soap in seawater: dishes, laundry, cleaning, diving equipment ... it is multi-functions. Biodegradable and without any chemical released at sea, it respects the marine flora and fauna.

. Dishes, cleaning and cleaning: rub "SeaSoap" with a damp sponge and wash as usual. "SeaSoap" cleans, degreases and corrects as well as a conventional household product, pollution and chemicals less!

. Laundry: "SeaSoap" washes your clothes at sea! Wash your laundry by dipping or simply rub it with "SeaSoap", rinse and allow to dry in the sun. "SeaSoap" can be grated and diluted to make your liquid cleaner: use 50g of "SeaSoap" for 500ml of water. Reserve in a bottle and use as a classic liquid product. A soap "SeaSoap" allows to reconstitute 2 liters of concentrated liquid.

. "SeaSoap" is a deglycerine soap: it does not clog the pipes and leaves no greasy deposit. Like all our soaps, "SeaSoap" is made only with natural ingredients and / or neutral for the environment. It is 100% biodegradable and does not participate in the eutrophication of water: a dish made with "SeaSoap" rejects the dirt from the dishes and saponified oils (0 traces of soda) that are edible by the aquatic fauna.

You are ready for eco-friendly and efficient cleaning at sea!

. Keep "SeaSoap" dry on a soap dish or a piece of coral

. This product and its paper packaging are 100% made in Mauritius

CompositionOtentik recipe / 100% of natural ingredients
Fabrication100% traditionally made in Mauritius (fresh & handmade !)