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Shampoo "Kanel" / Normal to oily hair



"Kanel" is a gentle shampoo with Rhassoul and Cinnamon ; it cleanses, regulates and takes care of oily hair.

  • Composition: SCG, Rhassoul*, Manioc*, Olive Oil*, Cinnamon*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tara Gum*, 100% Coconut soap*, natural Arginin*
  • Weight: 55g
  • pH 7 suitable for oily hair

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Rs 320

INCI : Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Moroccan Lava Clay, Manihot utilissima*, Olea Europea Fruit Oil *, Cinnamomum Cassia*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum*, Sodium cocoate*, natural Arginin* 

* Organic or natural quality

"Kanel" is a shampoo for oily hair: Rhassoul and Cinnamon cleanse and regulate the scalp while our soft surfactant Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate gently washes.

Important: Cinnamon bark contains an allergenic molecule, Cinnamic Aldehyde. The cinnamon content of "Kanel" is studied to ensure optimal safety and avoid the dermocausticity of this ingredient: the amount of cinnamon bark dispensed during normal use of the shampoo "Kanel" is less than 0.2g. Nevertheless, we recommend people with allergies to cinnamon bark or having a strong dermatological sensitivity not to use this shampoo.

To reduce our ecological impact, Shampoos are delivered with or without kraft bag packing : make your choice ! A food-grade fer-blanc box, ideal for carrying your shampoo, is also available.


. 100% natural ingredients and eco-friendly / 0 synthetic / 0 petrochemical

. Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate is an ecological and ultra-mild surfactant made without esterification nor methylation: the coconut meat is fermented and then saponified like a soap! No polluting or toxic "nasties" are used, unlike SCI (made with ethylene oxide), SCS (containing sulphates) or SMLI (obtained by methylation, that is to say by addition of methyl, a derivative of methane). Kokodezil and its French brand Ibaïna are to date the only manufacturers of solid shampoos developed with this ultra-mild surfactant for you and eco-friendly for the environment: we are proud!

. Economical & Ecological (long lasting and 100% biodegradable)

. O palm oil / O sulfate / O SCI-SMLI / O nasties

. 100% Vegan / Natural / Cruelty-Free

. Proudly handmade in Mauritius!


Shampoo Kanel is a solid shampoo very easy to use! Wet the hair, lather in your hands or by applying the Shampoo directly on the head, massage the scalp and lengths, rinse.

To keep your shampoo as long as possible, store it in a dry place (do not leave it on a wet area: it would melt!).

CompositionOtentik recipe / 100% of natural ingredients
Fabrication100% traditionally made in Mauritius (fresh & handmade !)
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