Natural solid Toothpaste "DentiDoo" Expand

Natural Toothpaste powder "DentiDoo" with Siwak



"DentiDoo" is a soft, efficient and natural toothpaste. It takes care of teeth and gums, wether they are sensitive or not. Without any scent nor essential oil, it fits to everyone !

  • Composition : Siwak (50%), White clay, Calcium Carbonate
  • Instructions : wet your toothbrush and take some powder with it, brush for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse !

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Rs 190

Toothpastes powders are an ecological, natural and zero waste alternative to traditional toothpastes. Without any SCS nor SCI, nor any synthetic ingredient, they are truly 100% naturals and simply use the benefits of Nature :

  • Siwak : cleansing and sanitating (also called "Labbaik Miswak) / Our toothpaste is dosed with 50% Siwak to ensure perfect hygiene
  • White clay: fortifies the gums and absorbs "bad" odors
  • Calcium carbonate: light abrasive for a well-maintained enamel!

Available in 2 sizes :

  • 10g of toothpaste (about 80 brushings), ideal for travel
  • 50g of toothpaste (about 400 brushings), packed either in plastic, HDPE made in Mauritius, or in aluminum
  • Don't throw your box: packagings (aluminum or HDPE) are refillable with our 50g kraft bag refill! They are also recyclable : just bring them back to our "loop-4-R" shop-partners (Refill / Re-use / Return / Recycle)

. 100% natural ingredients : no conservatives, nor synthetical ingredient nor C.M.R... 

. No fluor / No Palm oil / No animal ingredient

. 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free : no animal testing (neither on ingredients nor finished product)

. Economical & ecological (long lasting & 100% biodegradable)

. Zero waste : recyclable, re-usable and refillable boxes !

. Proudly made in Mauritius !

CompositionOtentik recipe / 100% of natural ingredients
Fabrication100% traditionally made in Mauritius (fresh & handmade !)
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