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Bamboo Toothbrush



Our toothbrushes are handcrafted from eco-cultured bamboos:

  • Raw & untreated bamboo handle
  • Brush in 60% natural bamboo fiber / 40% Nylon6 Duband
  • Adult size: 19cm / "Medium" bristles / Natural or infused with coconut charcoal
  • Children size: 15cm / "Soft" bristles (for children from 1 to 3 years) or "medium" bristles (for children 3 years and older)

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Rs 195

  • Brush color natural: 60% natural bamboo fiber bristles / Nylon-6 Duband (non-biodegradable but recyclable)
  • Brush color charcoal: 60% natural bamboo fiber bristles / Nylon-6 Duband (non-biodegradable but recyclable) and infused with coconut charcoal

Kokodezil toothbrushes are hand-made in Yunnan, on the border of Laos and Birmany, by a craftsman and his wife engaged in an eco-responsible production: Mavis and Lydia grow their own bamboos and make their own brushes in their human-sized manufacturing unit.

Our Moso bamboo ("mao zhu" or winter bamboo) is grown in a sustainably grown bamboo plantation, called "forest mix". Mavis cultivates and cuts his own bamboos and produces with his wife Lydia toothbrushes as natural as possible: the fibers of the brushes are composed of 60% of bamboo fiber and 40% of Nylon-6 Duband; it is the optimal rate to compose a pleasant and functional brush. Nylon-6 Duband is not natural, it's the only synthetic part of these brushes; Duband Nylon-6 is made from castor oil and a bit of plastic, non-biodegradable but recyclable.

The Moso is not a bamboo consumed by pandas; it is known for its spectacular growth, but this rapid growth (90cm per day!) only concerns stubble. Moso bamboo requires a minimum of 5 weeks to reach adult size and then 3 to 6 years for the bamboo to be used. The bamboo is then harvested manually and we selected this producer-craftsman because his work and his philosophy have profoundly caught our attention.

Bamboo is a naturally hygienic material, but it also darkens with moisture so we recommend placing your toothbrush in a dry place between two brushings, or in a deep-drenched pot (without stagnant water).

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