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  • Bamboo Toothbrush

    Our toothbrushes are handcrafted from eco-cultured bamboos: Raw & untreated bamboo handle Brush in 60% natural bamboo fiber / 40% Nylon6 Duband Adult size: 19cm / "Medium" bristles / Natural or infused with coconut charcoal Children size: 15cm / "Soft" bristles (for children from 1 to 3 years) or "medium" bristles (for children 3 years and older)

    From Rs 195
  • "BabyBom" / Diaper Balm

    This protective and repairing balm with Zinc Oxide, Coconut Oil and Calendula takes care of baby's bottom. Applied on clean and dry skin, it forms a protective and healing layer. Prevents and heals diaper rash 100% natural ingredients Weight: 70g

    From Rs 390
  • Baby's Natural Konjac Sponge

    We love these adorable sponges Konjac 100% natural! They gently clean baby's sensitive skin! They are used for the toilet and the care of Baby's buttocks (use 2 different sponges in this case). 100% natural & biodegradable Size: 8 x 6 cm approximately / Weight: 5 g Instructions for use: moisten the sponge and apply on the skin Ideal for baby's toilet

    From Rs 270
  • "Castille" Soap (130g)

    Ultra-soft, Castille suits for all skin types and hair, and it is recommended for delicate, atopic or irritated skins. It is a perfect baby's soap !Composition: 100% Olives Oil, Water *, Sodium Hydroxide * (cold saponification / surgras 7%) Instructions for use: moisten, wash, rinse! Dry on the slice after use Can also be used as shampoo **

    From Rs 325
  • "KokoBaba" / Natural Coconut Oil for Baby (200ml)

    Baby enjoys the pure and natural Coconut Oil ! Exclusively made with maurician coconuts, "KokoBaba" is a soft and protective care for high-sensitive skins ! Composition : 100% pure Coconut Oil Use for skin care or delightful massage As a cleansing and protective change care (apply with a cotton pad) Refillable & practical pump-bottle

    From Rs 200
  • Mosquito-repellant "MoskitoPschitt !" (spray 50ml)

    "Moskito Pschitt!" is made with naturally repellent essential oils: spray on skin* or clothes and be naturally protected for hours. Composition: Water, alcohol, 1.5% essential oils Geranium rosat, Lavandin super, Peppermint, Lemon eucalyptus*, Xanthan gum Apply some sprays on skin* or clothes Refillable PET bottle - 50ml

    From Rs 195
  • "KokoMoskito" / Natural mosquito-repellant - 200ml

    "KokoMoskito" is a natural Neem-based care active on the mosquitoes of the Anopheles and Aedes families. Does not contains essential oils. Composition: Agalega Coconut Oil, Soya Oil, Neem and Rosemary Extracts. Directions for use: apply a few sprays to the skin and massage Refillable "LOOP" bottle - 200ml

    From Rs 295
  • "KokoClean" (balm) - 30g

    "KokoClean" balm is a smart tiny box "ready to go"so you can enjoy the essential oils benefits everywhere ! Composition : Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil Aluminium box / 30ml Use : take a tiny touch of balm and apply on the skin (inside the fists, neck, hair), breathe and enjoy !

    From Rs 350
  • Shampoo "Wistiti" / Banana scented

    "Wistiti", scented with natural Banana, gently cleanses and makes hair smooth, easy to detangle. "Wistiti" suits to everyone, kids and olders! Composition: SCG, Coconut oil *, Manioc*, White clay, Tara gum*, Sodium bicarbonate, Banana*, Natural food-grade banana flavor*, 100% Coconut soap*, Turmeric * Weight: 55g pH 7 suitable for children's hair

    From Rs 320
  • Shampoo "Hulk" / Energizing

    "Hulk" is a booster and an energizing shampoo : it preserves natural beauty of hair, and restore weakened hair with its gentle and rich formula with natural arginin, spirulina and mint! Composition: SCG, Filtered water, Olive oil, White clay, Rice, Sodium bicarbonate, Mint*, Spiruline, Tara's gum, Arginin Weight: 55g pH 5,5

    From Rs 320
  • "BabySoap" / Castile Soap (130g)

    "BabySoap" ultra-soft Castile soap is particularly suitable for baby's toilet! This fine mousse soap gently cleanses body and hair. 100% pure Olive Oil Cold saponified / Surgras 7% / Weight: 130g Dry the soap on the slice after use Delivered in its lovely refillable & 100% recyclable box

    From Rs 380
  • Pouch "Mo Ti Baba !" / Natural cares for Baby

    A beautiful birth gift idea! This organic cotton pouch contains everything you need to take care of your baby: 1 soap surgras 7% ultra-soft all-in-1 "TiMouss" 1 "BabyBom" protective diaper balm 1 natural Konjac sponge 1 "KokoBaba" care oil (200ml) 1 cotton honeycomb towel offered! Free shipping on Mauritius!

    From Rs 1,750 Rs 1,850 -Rs 100
  • "Moskibom GREEN" - ZW mosquito-repellant balm

    Protect yourself naturally from mosquitoes! MoskiBom green is prepared with Neem (Margousier), a tree renowned for its anti-mosquito repellent properties! Composition: Pure Coconut Oil, Non GMO Natural Soy Wax, Manioc, Margousier Leaves, C02 Rosemary extract Apply on the skin and massage Suitable for children and sensitive skin Refillable aluminum box

    From Rs 395
  • "Moskibom PINK" - ZW mosquito-repellant balm

    This solid balm combines the action of Neem with a synergy of mosquito repellent essential oils. May be suitable for children and pregnant women after a preliminary skin test (contains 1% Essential Oils). Composition: Agaléga Coconut Oil, Non GMO Soy Wax, Manioc, Margousier Leaves, Essential Oils, C02 Rosemary Apply on the skin and massage Solid balm 80g

    From Rs 480
  • "MereVeille" / Intensive pregnancy belly-balm - 80g

    Specifically formulated to protect the elasticity of the skin during pregnancy, "MèreVeille" helps prevent the formation of stretch marks. Apply 1 to 2 times a day on the belly in gentle massage. Texture "dry oil", non-greasy and comfortable! Natural & eco-friendly ingredients ZD solid balm / Weight: 80g Refillable box

    From Rs 595
  • Deo "Sensitive" / Natural Deodorant - 85g

    "Sensitive" is a solid and natural deodorant suitable for sensitive skin; it absorbs perspiration without blocking it and prevents the odor-causing bacteria from developing. Composition: Natural Soy Wax *, Coconut Oil *, Manioc *, Zinc Oxide *, White Clay * Dry formula (non-sticky / pleasant to put on and to wear) Weight: 85g / Box refill & deo 'refill

    From Rs 250
  • Natural anti-lice "Stop Lipou !"

    "Stop Lipou!" is a natural and effective treatment to overcome lice and nits! It works by asphyxiating and dehydrating them, and helps to remove easily nits from hair. It's natural formula is suitable for everyone, including during pregnancy and in young children. Bottle of 200ml (= 4 to 10 complete treatments) Without essential oils Active in 15 minutes

    From Rs 490
  • "Moskibom" - Mosquito-repellant balm 70g

    This balm combines the action of Neem with a synergy of mosquito repellent essential oils. May be suitable for children and pregnant women after a preliminary skin test (contains 1% Essential Oils). Composition: Agaléga Coconut Oil, Non GMO Soy Wax, Arrow Root, Margousier Leaves, 1% Essential Oils, C02 Rosemary extract Apply on the skin and massage Net...

    From Rs 490
  • "SunShell50" / Natural & Reef-safe Sunscreen SPF50 -...

    Photo-protective mineral "sunblock" balm with natural fruit extracts. Recommended for extreme conditions (open sea & water sports) and/or sensitive skin. SPF 50 index (blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays / tested in an independent laboratory). Formulated with 100% mineral and vegetable ingredients Insoluble / Vegan / Non bio-accumulative Weight: 90g

    From Rs 490
  • "BabyZen" - Elixir EOBDD

    "BabyZen" calms, soothes and helps to prepare a quiet night. Suitable for children and babies from 3 months.Composition : Agalega coconut oil, Essential oils EOBBD Néroli, Ylang-ylang complete, Fine Lavender (Indian Ocean origin) "Loop" bottle / 15ml / Refillable 1 hour before bedtime, place 1 drop behind each ear and massage.

    From Rs 300
  • "BabyZen" - Elixir EOBDD

    "BabyRhume" helps the child during flu episodes, colds and coughs. Suitable for children and babies from 3 months.Composition : Agalega coconut oil, 4% EOBBD Neroli, Fine Lavender, complete Ylang-ylang essential oils (Indian Ocean origin). "Loop" bottle / 15ml / Refillable Put 1 drop behind each ears or 2 drops on the skin (chest) and massage.

    From Rs 300
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