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  • Soap flakes

    Kokodezil's soap making is fully zero waste. Here are soap flakes, 100% biodegradable and Palm oil free, that you can use for your liquid shower soaps or laundry wash. Composition : Cold saponified soap (Olives & Coconut oils, Sodium Hydroxid, Spices) from Elaïti, Badiane, Castille and Nigelle makings Net weight : 500g

    From Rs 450
  • Magnesium Beads "Magi'Klean"

    Washing your clothes without polluting the environment is possible! Magnesium beads are an environmentally friendly and effective solution without any detergent. 140g = 400 washes. Composition: Pure magnesium (99.99%) / Weight: 140g Instructions for use: place 120g of balls in a sock or a small bag tightly closed / Place directly in the drum / Fabric...

    From Rs 1,495
  • Ecological Dishwashing Soap "KokoWash"

    Washing dishes without polluting the environment is possible! 100% biodegradable and safe for aquatic fauna and flora, Koko Wash washes and degreases dishes! Composition: Agalega * Coconut Oil, Filtered water*, Sodium Hydroxide * Instructions for use: take a little soap with a sponge and wash the dishes as usual. Rinse ... It's ready!

    From Rs 395
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