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  • Shampoo "Nuka" / Dry hair

    An extra-mild Shampoo with Raw Shea Butter, Ginger and Papaya that protects, nourishes and strengthens dry hair! Composition: SCG, Filtered Water, Avocado Oil, Rice, Ginger *, Cardamom*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Papaya fruit *, Raw Shea Butter, Tara Gum Weight: 70g pH 5.5 suitable for frizzy, weakened, dry or colored hair

    From Rs 475
  • Shampoo "Sweet" / All types of hair

    A gentle shampoo with Babool and Cardamom to take care of all types of hair! Babool nourishes hair while Cardamom is a natural beauty-care for your hair, known from centuries by Indian women. Composition: SCG, Water *, Coconut Oil *, Babool *, Cardamom *, Sodium Bicarbonate *, Rice, Tara Gum Weight: 70g pH 5.5

    From Rs 475
  • Shampoo "Detox" / Dandruff - Detoxifying

    An Extra-Gentle Shampoo with Charcoal and Neem to cleanse and take care of stressed hair (pollution, fatigue ...) and / or dandruff. Composition: SCG, Water *, Coconut Oil *, Neem *, Rice, White clay, Sodium Bicarbonate, Charcoal *, Salt *, Tara Gum, Arginin Weight: 70g pH 6

    From Rs 475
  • Shampoo "Kanel" / Normal to oily hair

    "Kanel" is a gentle shampoo with Rhassoul and Cinnamon ; it cleanses, regulates and takes care of oily hair. Composition: SCG, Filtered Water, Olives Oil, Cinnamon, Rice, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rhassoul, Tara Gum Weight: 70g pH 7 suitable for oily hair

    From Rs 475
  • Shampoo "Wistiti" / Gentle & prevents tangle

    "Wistiti", scented with natural Banana, gently cleanses and makes hair smooth, easy to detangle. "Wistiti" suits to everyone, kids and olders! Composition: SCG, Filtered water, Coconut oil *, Sodium bicarbonate, White clay, Rice, Banana *, Natural food-grade banana flavor, Tara gum, Turmeric * Weight: 70g / Size : 3x6cm pH 7 suitable for children's hair

    From Rs 475
  • Shampoo "Hulk" / Energizing

    "Hulk" is a booster and an energizing shampoo : it preserves natural beauty of hair, and restore weakened hair with its gentle and rich formula with natural arginin, spirulina and mint! Composition: SCG, Filtered water, Olive oil, White clay, Rice, Sodium bicarbonate, Mint*, Spiruline, Tara's gum, Arginin Weight: 70g pH 5,5

    From Rs 475
  • Shampoo "2-Doo" / With Coconut milk

    "2-doo" is a smoothing shampoo for long and/or dryed hair ; it protects damaged hair by wind, sun, sea or pool baths. With its lovely natural coconut smell, it is your perfect sea-sun-sand buddy! Composition: SCG, Filtered Water, White Clay, Rice, Coconut Oil *, Sodium Bicarbonate, Coconut Milk *, Natural Coconut food flavor, Tara Gum Weight: 70g pH 6

    From Rs 475
  • Shampoo "Mermaid" / Long hair

    An extra-mild Shampoo with Sea Salt, Coconut Milk, Spirulina and Pitaya that gently cleanses and cares for long hair, ideal to nourish lengths! Composition: SCG, Filtered Water, Coconut Oil *, Coconut Milk *, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rice, Spirulina, Pitaya *, Natural Coconut food flavor, Sea Salt *, Arginine, Tara Gum Weight: 85g / Box sold separately pH 7...

    From Rs 590
  • Ecological SeaSoap "Sailor's" (80g) / Body & Hair

    "Sailor's" is a 2-in-1 body and hair soap that foam even with sea water! Ideal for boating, it is 100% biodegradable and safe for aquatic flora and fauna. Composition: Agalega Coconut Oil, Kaolin, Nigella, Water, Sodium Hydroxide Creamy and creamy, it does not dry the skin thanks to its content of white clay and Nigella Foam in fresh or salt water

    From Rs 275
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