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  • Shampoo "Nuka" / Dry hair

    An extra-mild Shampoo with Raw Shea Butter, Ginger and Papaya that protects, nourishes and strengthens dry hair! Composition: SCG, Filtered Water, Avocado Oil, Rice, Ginger *, Cardamom*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Papaya fruit *, Raw Shea Butter, Tara Gum Weight: 55g pH 5.5 suitable for frizzy, weakened, dry or colored hair

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  • Shampoo "Sweet" / All types of hair

    A gentle shampoo with Babool and Cardamom to take care of all types of hair! Babool nourishes hair while Cardamom is a natural beauty-care for your hair, known from centuries by Indian women. Composition: SCG, Water *, Coconut Oil *, Babool *, Cardamom *, Sodium Bicarbonate *, Rice, Tara Gum Weight: 55g pH 5.5

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  • Shampoo "Detox" / Dandruff - Detoxifying

    An Extra-Gentle Shampoo with Charcoal and Neem to cleanse and take care of stressed hair (pollution, fatigue ...) and / or dandruff. Composition: SCG, Manioc*, Coconut Oil*, White clay, Neem*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rosemary*, Tara gum*, 100% Coconut soap*, Charcoal*, Salt*, Arginin Weight: 55g pH 6

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  • Shampoo "Kanel" / Normal to oily hair

    "Kanel" is a gentle shampoo with Rhassoul and Cinnamon ; it cleanses, regulates and takes care of oily hair. Composition: SCG, Rhassoul*, Manioc*, Olive Oil*, Cinnamon*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tara Gum*, 100% Coconut soap*, natural Arginin* Weight: 55g pH 7 suitable for oily hair

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  • Shampoo "Wistiti" / Banana scented

    "Wistiti", scented with natural Banana, gently cleanses and makes hair smooth, easy to detangle. "Wistiti" suits to everyone, kids and olders! Composition: SCG, Coconut oil *, Manioc*, White clay, Tara gum*, Sodium bicarbonate, Banana*, Natural food-grade banana flavor*, 100% Coconut soap*, Turmeric * Weight: 55g pH 7 suitable for children's hair

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  • Shampoo "Hulk" / Energizing

    "Hulk" is a booster and an energizing shampoo : it preserves natural beauty of hair, and restore weakened hair with its gentle and rich formula with natural arginin, spirulina and mint! Composition: SCG, Filtered water, Olive oil, White clay, Rice, Sodium bicarbonate, Mint*, Spiruline, Tara's gum, Arginin Weight: 55g pH 5,5

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  • Shampoo "2-Doo" / With Coconut milk

    "2-doo" is a smoothing shampoo for long and/or dryed hair ; it protects damaged hair by wind, sun, sea or pool baths. With its lovely natural coconut smell, it is your perfect sea-sun-sand buddy! Composition: SCG, White Clay, Manioc*, Rice*, Coconut Oil *, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Coconut food flavor*, Coconut Milk *, Salt*, Tara Gum*, 100% coconut...

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  • Shampoo "Love is in the Hair" / Ylang & Hibiscus

    "Love" is a mild shampoo for all type of hair ; Hibiscus and Ylang-Ylang bring shine and strenght... and a delicate natural scent ! Composition: SCG, White Clay, Rice*, Cassava*, Coconut Oil and Milk*, Natural Vanilla extract*, Hibiscus*, Ylang-Ylang flower extract*, Tara Gum*, Arginin* Weight: 55g pH 4,5

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