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  • "BabyBom" / Diaper Balm

    This protective and repairing balm with Zinc Oxide, Coconut Oil and Calendula takes care of baby's bottom. Applied on clean and dry skin, it forms a protective and healing layer. Prevents and heals diaper rash 100% natural ingredients Weight: 70g

    From Rs 390
  • "Clean Pschitt !" / Hydro-alcoholic lotion

    A hydro-alcoholic lotion to wash your hands when soap and water are not available! Spritz, rub and let dry. Composition: Alcohol 62%, water, Agalega's coconut oil, Neem extract, Tea Tree essential oil 1%, xanthan gum Refillable, recyclable and made in Mauritius "LOOP" bottle - 50ml / 100ml  Palm oil-free / Glycerin free

    From Rs 195
  • "Scrub 1" - Scalp & foot scrub 70g

    "Scrub#1" takes care of your extremities! This powder scrub is ideal for exfoliating the feet and scalp: it is easily applied either directly to wet skin or diluted beforehand (1 dose of powder + 2 doses of water). Composition: Manioc, Rice powder, Rosemary, Xanthan gum Refillable & recyclable "LOOP" box Net weight: 70g

    From Rs 250
  • "Scrub 2" - Body scrub 180g

    "Scrub#2" is ready to use and ideal for exfoliating the body: it is easily applied to dry skin for an aromatic exfoliating treatment with Chamarel coffee and Muscovado sugar. Ingredients: Agaléga Coconut Oil, Natural Soy Wax, Manioc, Chamarel Coffee, Muscovado Sugar Refillable & recyclable "LOOP" box Net weight: 180g

    From Rs 620
  • "Scrub 3" - Face scrub 130g

    "Scrub#3" is ready to use and ideal for exfoliating fine facial skin: it is applied with a circular massage for an aromatic exfoliating care with dry Coconut flesh and Muscovado sugar. Composition : Soya Oil, Natural Soya Wax, Manioc, Grated Coconut, Muscovado Sugar Refillable & recyclable "LOOP" box Net weight: 130g

    From Rs 390
  • "Happy Feet" - Foot balm 50g

    "HappyFeet" is a solid balm filled with natural active ingredients to care for the specific skin of the feet: emollient, cleansing and delicately scented. Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, Manioc, Agalega Coconut Oil, Bran Wax, Neem Oil, 2.4% EO Tea Tree and Palmarosa Refillable & recyclable "LOOP" box Net weight: 50g

    From Rs 425
  • "TigerBom" - 60g

    "TigerBom" is the natural, paraffin-free version of the famous Tiger Balm! Composition: Natural Soy wax, Agalega Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Manioc, 1.8% Menthol, 3.8% Essential oils (Cinnamon, Rosemary, Wintergreen, Clove) / Read precautions for use Refillable & recyclable "LOOP" box Net weight: 60g

    From Rs 615
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