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  • Bamboo Toothbrush

    Our toothbrushes are handcrafted from eco-cultured bamboos: Raw & untreated bamboo handle Brush in 60% natural bamboo fiber / 40% Nylon6 Duband Adult size: 19cm / "Medium" bristles / Natural or infused with coconut charcoal Children size: 15cm / "Soft" bristles (for children from 1 to 3 years) or "medium" bristles (for children 3 years and older)

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  • Shampoo "Wistiti" / Banana scented

    "Wistiti", scented with natural Banana, gently cleanses and makes hair smooth, easy to detangle. "Wistiti" suits to everyone, kids and olders! Composition: SCG, Coconut oil *, Manioc*, White clay, Tara gum*, Sodium bicarbonate, Banana*, Natural food-grade banana flavor*, 100% Coconut soap*, Turmeric * Weight: 55g pH 7 suitable for children's hair

    From Rs 320
  • Natural anti-lice Lotion "Stop Lipou"

    "Stop Lipou" asphyxiates lice, dehydrates nits and dissolves the cement that holds them to the hair. Natural and effective care, it acts in 15 minutes and is suitable for everyone, including during pregnancy and young children.Bottle of 200ml ( = 4 to 10 complete treatments) With soothing and repellent Lavender and Tea Tree extracts Active in 15 minutes

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  • Deo "Sensitive" / Natural Deodorant - 85g

    "Sensitive" is a solid and natural deodorant suitable for sensitive skin; it absorbs perspiration without blocking it and prevents the odor-causing bacteria from developing. Composition: Natural Soy Wax *, Coconut Oil *, Manioc *, Zinc Oxide *, White Clay * Dry formula (non-sticky / pleasant to put on and to wear) Weight: 85g / Box refill & deo 'refill

    From Rs 250
  • "SunShell50" / Natural & Reef-safe Sunscreen SPF50 -...

    Photo-protective mineral "sunblock" balm with natural fruit extracts. Recommended for extreme conditions (open sea & water sports) and/or sensitive skin.SPF 50 index (blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays / tested in an independent laboratory). Formulated with 100% mineral and vegetable ingredients Insoluble / Vegan / Non bio-accumulative Weight: 90g

    From Rs 490
  • "BabyZen" - Elixir EOBDD

    "BabyZen" calms, soothes and helps to prepare a quiet night. Suitable for children and babies from 3 months.Composition : Agalega coconut oil, Essential oils EOBBD Néroli, Ylang-ylang complete, Fine Lavender (Indian Ocean origin) "Loop" bottle / 15ml / Refillable 1 hour before bedtime, place 1 drop behind each ear and massage.

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  • "BabyRhume" - Elixir EOBDD

    "BabyRhume" helps the child during flu episodes, colds and coughs. Suitable for children and babies from 3 months.Composition : Agalega coconut oil, 4% EOBBD Eucalyptus globulus, Ravintsara, Tea Tree essential oils (Indian Ocean origin). "Loop" bottle / 15ml / Refillable Put 1 drop behind each ears or 2 drops on the skin (chest) and massage.

    From Rs 300
  • Soothing shampoo "Stop Lipou"

    The natural soothing shampoo "Stop Lipou" calms itching and soothes the scalp irritated by lice bites. Suitable for children from the age of 3 months.With soothing and repellent Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils The essential oil content of this product (0.06%) does not cause ecotoxicity on ecosystems Bottle of 200ml

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  • "Stop Lipou" Lice repellant

    "Stop Lipou" Repellent is applied to dry hair; its formula with Lavender, Tea Tree and Rose Geranium essential oils naturally repels lice and prevents possible reinfestations. Its scent is pleasant and discreet.Apply to dry hair Bottle of 50ml

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