KokoDezil is a family and creative team full of good mood! Concerned about our environment, we manufacture natural soaps and print on order textiles, mugs, tote-bags as well as nice articles with ecofriendly inks (without lead, without pthalates, without rejection in the waste water).

Installed in Mauritius since March 2018, we also manufacture the natural care of our first French brand Ibaïna, as well as theme collections under our label Mon Mug et Compagnie.


. Our soaps and natural cares are made manually in our workshops in Péreybère. We use natural ingredients: pure vegetable oils (Coconut, Avocado, Shea, Olives), spices and plants of organic quality, natural vegetable wax. Our products contain no animal ingredients (no honey, no milk, no animal fat "Tallowate Sodium" or "Sodium Lardate" ...) and are not tested on Animals.

We do not use any preservatives (soaps and oils keep naturally for years), neither chemical dyes, nor synthetic fragrances, nor ingredients "nasties" (sulphates, ecotoxic and / or non-biodegradable products, petrochemical derivatives, CMR , nanoparticles, GMOs). Our choice is to return to simple, natural and eco-friendly care: we are committed to producing healthy, wholesome soap and care for you and the planet.

. Our Coconut Oil is made in Agaléga and we are proud of it. This precious and quality oil is produced in a traditional way. We buy it from a producers' NGO and the benefit of these sales makes it possible to finance a reception and schooling center for children ... It's also super-proud!

. Our plant ingredients are either certified organic quality (shea butter, floral waters ...), or from perma-cultures or gathering in the wild. Neem, Babool, Aromatic, Cinnamon, Elaïti, are produced in Mauritius: we source the maximum of our ingredients in 100% Made in Moris.


. The mugs are suitable for dishwashers and microwaves: we select "triple A" quality mugs, do not look, there is no better way to shine a thousand lights of the breakfast with herbal tea !

. The textiles are printed in four-color process by "flex" technology: this thin printed layer is fixed by pressing on the textile, and guarantees you a perfect and durable without cracking. We also use silk screen printing for our large series, and in this case we use water-based inks, which are non-toxic for the handling of our team members and eco-friendly.

Direct printing such as screen printing or DTG (toxic from available inks and the necessary primer that damages the lungs and skin) are not part of our impressions:our inks are guaranteed phthalate-free, lead-free, "eco-friendly" and respectful of the people who work with them.

The textiles will be washed on the reverse / machine wash at 30 or 40 ° recommended / iron on the reverse (the print does not go back on the place), if the iron is part of your habits!

. In the same spirit of respect for all and our beautiful planet, canvas, adhesive, paper, are printed with eco-solvent inks.

. Sublimation prints are washable at 90 °.

. Glazed and isothermal mugs are treated with sponge and non-abrasive cleaning products. They do not go in the microwave (ouch, the metal!) Or in the dishwasher so as not to damage the "coating" by washing too aggressively.That's it, you know almost everything!

Need an info? From a council? Our team is at your service Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and often much more!

The KokoDezil Team


We deliver to Mauritius and Rodrigues, and internationally, thanks to our partner DHL. All our parcels are shipped in reduced packaging.

Your order is prepared most often the day of its registration, and the delivery times are 24 hours worked on Mauritius, 2 to 4 working days abroad.

In order to maintain confidentiality, our parcels are neutral and no data is transferred to third parties.

Our customer support provides information here by email, from Monday to Friday (and even the weekend for emergencies!)

In any case, do not hesitate to inform us of your urgencies, we will do our utmost!

Deliveries on Mauritius are offered from Rs1200 of purchases.

Our packages are shipped under Go Green label, that is to say that their carbon impact is neutral and offset by international ecological programs: eco-villages, biodiversity protection, reforestation ...

Our neutral carbon impact is certified by SGS.


Find Kokodezil here !


- Magasin Le Rendez-Vous / Grand Baie La Croisette / 5933 5081 / Page Facebook : Le Rendez-Vous

- Bazar Grand Baie "Chez Glamour Alain"


- Magasin Kedubo Ltée, Sir William Newton Street / 697 1160 / Page Facebook : Kedubo Ltée


- Ambassadrice Fabienne Harel / Reduce Waste Mauritius / Page Facebook : Reduce Waste Mauritius

- L'Ecolo / Corner of Sir William Auzier St & Meldrum St / Floréal / 5719 8004 / Page Facebook : L'Ecolo


- Ambassadrice Delphine Bonin / Page Facebook : Delphine Bonin


- Workshop Kokodezil / Flamant Lane / Page Facebook : Kokodezil

- The Medicine Shop / Route côtière / Face Winners / 5958 6565 / Page Facebook : The Medicine Shop


- Wellnessenses Center / Domaine de Labourdonnais / 267 1532 / Page Facebook : Wellnessenses

- La Corbeille / Domaine de Labourdonnais / 266 9533 / Page Facebook : Domaine de Labourdonnais


- Le Workshop / Creative Park / Beau-Plan / Pamplemousses / 5933 5081 / Page Facebook : Le Workshop


- La Vallée de Ferney / Route Royale / Ferney / Vieux Grand Port / 634 0440 / 5729 1080 / Page Facebook : La Vallée de Ferney


- Macumba / Ruisseau Créole / Rivière Noire / 262 6303 / Page Facebook : Macumba

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