KokoDezil is a family and creative team full of good mood! 100% Concerned about our environment and our health, we manufacture natural soaps and cares to help us all to stop using "nasties" in our day-to-day life, and to stop polluting our Mother Nature ! Natural & ecological alternatives do exist, they are not complicated to use, and they don't have to be "minimalist" nor imported : simplicity, good mood, efficiency are the path we've chosen while valuating Mauritius organic and natural resources.

. Our soaps and natural cares are made manually in our workshops in Péreybère. We use only natural ingredients: pure vegetable oils (Coconut, Avocado, Shea, Olives), spices and plants of organic or natural quality, no-nano and no-gmo ingredients (Zinc Oxide, Soy wax). We don't use any synthetical additive. Our products contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. They are obviously palm oil free, synthetical fragrance free, nasties-free, SCI and SMLI-free... Well, in fact they are... REALLY NATURAL !

. If a natural composition is the best for you, the ecological point is the best for our planet : we do not use any ingredient that would be harmful to her, neither in processing nor at home. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE STRICTLY MADE TO BE 0 IMPACT ON OUR SEAS AND LANDS : biodegradability, eco-toxicity and GES are part of our studies to elaborate the best recipes. That is why we refuse SCI for example, which is made with a very polluting process ; that is also why we act on day-to-day life products : from laundry detergent to shampoo, from sunscreen to toothpaste, there is NO NEED to pollute !

. Our coconut oil is made in Agaléga: this precious and full quality oil is produced in a traditional way. We buy it from a producers' NGO and the benefit of these sales supports the financing of a reception and schooling center for children. We are proud to support the Agalega's students home in Port Louis, such as valuate the work of Agalega's men and women.

. Our vegetable ingredients are of organic quality (USDA, Ecocert, AB certifications), from perma-cultures or gathering in a natural environment. Neem, Babool, Aromatics, Cinnamon, Elaïti, are produced in Mauritius: we source the maximum of our ingredients in 100% Made in Moris. We are labellized "Made in Moris" since July 2018, with a 97% score.


. The mugs are suitable for dishwashers and microwaves: we select "triple A" quality mugs. The textiles are printed in four-color process by "flex" technology: this thin printed layer is fixed by pressing on the textile, and guarantees you a perfect and durable hold. Our inks are guaranteed phthalate-free, lead-free, "eco-friendly" and without discharge into wastewater.

That's it, you know almost everything! Need an info? Our team is at your service Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and often much more!


We deliver on Mauritius, Rodrigues and abroad thanks to our partner DHL. All our parcels are shipped in reduced packaging and support ecological programs : our GES impact is absolutely neutral thanks to our DHL Go Green partner. Delivery time is 1 to 2 working-days on Mauritius, 2 to 5 working days abroad. Deliveries on Mauritius are free as from Rs1500 of purchases.


Find Kokodezil here !


- Magasin Le Rendez-Vous / Grand Baie La Croisette / 5933 5081 / Page Facebook : Le Rendez-Vous

- Super U / Craft Market / 1er étage


- Fleur d'Epine Collection / Morcellement Richwood / 5256 3377

- Small & Chic / Corner avenue Naz & Emile Sauzier / 5256 3377


- Workshop Kokodezil / Flamant Lane / Page Facebook : Kokodezil

- The Medicine Shop / Route côtière / Face Winners / 5958 6565 / Page Facebook : The Medicine Shop

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