Clean Pschitt ! / Hydro-alcoholic lotion 50ml Expand

"Clean Pschitt !" / Hydro-alcoholic lotion



A hydro-alcoholic lotion to wash your hands when soap and water are not available! Spritz, rub and let dry.

  • Composition: Alcohol 62%, water, Agalega's coconut oil, Neem extract, Tea Tree essential oil 1%, xanthan gum
  • Refillable, recyclable and made in Mauritius "LOOP" bottle - 50ml / 100ml 
  • Palm oil-free / Glycerin free

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INCI composition: 62% Ethyl alcohol*, Aqua, 1% Tea tree oil* (Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil - Naturally contains Limonene and Linalol), Agaléga's Cocos nucifera oil*, Azadirachta indica extract*, Xanthan gum

* Organic or natural quality

"Clean Pschitt! combines the disinfectant action of alcohol, the bactericidal and fungicidal action of Tea Tree Essential Oil, and the antiseptic and protective action of Coconut Oil and Neem:

> more than 60% alcohol according to ANSM recommendations; Ethyl Alcohol is an organic alcohol obtained by fermentation of sugars (hexose). Alcohol is an antiseptic and disinfectant solution for external use. It is active on most micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria but is not effective on some bacterial spores.

> more than 1% Tea Tree Essential Oil for optimal action on viruses, bacteria and fungi: broad-spectrum antibacterial (including on certain antibiotic-resistant micro-organisms), Tea Tree Essential Oil also destroys candidiasis and onchomycosis, and is active on many viruses, including HSV (herpes) and Influenza (flu).

> Coconut oil and Neem are naturally antiseptic; they provide the emollient necessary to soften the skin and prevent it from drying out. Usual hydro-alcoholic lotions and gels most often use glycerin, which is made with Palm Oil: whether it is labelled "RSPO" or not, we refuse to use Palm Oil because of its massive ecological impact. The Coconut Oil we use is made in Agaléga; its production supports the education of young Agaleans in Port Louis and we are proud to support their foster home.

Important: Hydro-alcoholic lotions and gels are convenient and allow hands and objects to be cleaned when soap and water washing are not available. This product is a disinfectant supplement and does not replace hand washing with soap nor the usual rules of hygiene. 

Lotion for external skin use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Kokodezil's spirit in a few points:

. Local and natural raw materials produced and sourced in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean.

. Environmentally friendly manufacturing

. 100% of ingredients of natural origin

. O synthetic additives

. O palm oil or palm derivatives (glycerin, stearic acid, etc.)

. This product is vegan & cruelty-free

. Recyclable and refillable "LOOP" bottle made in Mauritius

"LOOP" Program & Free Deposit: All our plastic and metal containers are refillable and recyclable in Mauritius. You can refill your container at our workshop in Péreybère, or deposit it in free deposit at our partner-dealers!

Composition100% natural ingredients
Fabrication100% traditionally made in Mauritius (fresh & handmade !)

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