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"KokoMoskito" / Natural mosquito-repellant - 200ml



"KokoMoskito" is a natural Neem-based care active on the mosquitoes of the Anopheles and Aedes families. Does not contains essential oils.

  • Composition: Agalega Coconut Oil, Soya Oil, Neem and Rosemary Extracts.
  • Directions for use: apply a few sprays to the skin and massage
  • Refillable "LOOP" bottle - 200ml

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INCI composition: Cocos nucifera oil (Agalega)*, Glycin soy oil*, Azadirachta indica oil*, Azadirachta indica & Rosmarinus officinalis extracts*.

* Organic or natural quality ingredients

"KokoMoskito" is a 100% natural care made with plants with repellent properties:

- Coconut Oil is traditionally used in tropical areas to protect mechanically from bites.

- Neem (leaves and oil) is naturally repellent and anti-insects; it protects against Anopheles mosquitoes (56.75% to 100% effective up to 12 hours). Diluted at 2%, Neem oil protects against 100% of the mosquitoes of the Anopheles family (JAMCA / 1993).

- Soybean oil, combined with other repellent actives, is active against Aedes mosquitoes (100% effectiveness over 95 minutes / PMC - US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health)

- Rosemary and Neem extracts slightly perfume this treatment, making it more pleasant to use (Rosemary is also a plant with repellent properties).

Kokodezil spirit in a few points:

. Local and natural raw materials produced and sourced in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean.

. This product is made with Agalega Coconut Oil: it helps to support local and artisanal production on the island and helps to finance the Agalega students foster home in Mauritius

. Environmentally friendly manufacturing & Zero waste

. 100% of ingredients of natural origin

. O synthetic additives

. O palm oil or palm derivatives (glycerin, stearic acid, etc.)

. This product is vegan & cruelty-free

. Recyclable and refillable "LOOP" bottle made in Mauritius

LOOP" Program & Free Deposit: All our plastic and metal containers are refillable and recyclable in Mauritius. You can refill your container at our workshop in Péreybère, or deposit it in free deposit at our partner-dealers!

CompositionOtentik recipe / 100% of natural ingredients
Fabrication100% traditionally made in Mauritius (fresh & handmade !)
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